Monday, June 05, 2006

Dissecting the frog grip

The mystery of how frogs cling to surfaces - even if their feet are wet - may have been solved by scientists. The article can be found here BBC.

Ever gave a thought on the pain that went behind this finding ? I'm not talking about the scientists. For them it might have been just observing quiet a lot of frog toes under microscopes. They might have spent days and nights in their labs. But I'm not talking about them.

I'm talking about the frogs. Their toes cut off and taken out to be observed under some microscope. They might have waited inside some garbage can for their slow and agonizing death. All these for what ? For making some novel anti-slip devices that will eventually end up as good shoes that does not slip. Is it worth this suffering ?

This news took me back to my late school days when I had to dissect frogs for my biology lab. I still can hear the "cluck" sound when I cut the chest bones with a clipper. The frog was lying motionless nailed to the board, with its heart still beating. After the class, the frogs went into dust bins with their hearts still beating.

It didn't serve any purpose to me. I didn't learn anything new that I could not have learned with slides or pictures. And I ended up being an engineer who got nothing to do with frogs. All those pains went wasted.

Atleast I hope that the scientists gave them a quick death.


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