Sunday, July 23, 2006

Retaliating with effect

Every time India faces a terrorist attack all eyes are on the government on how it responds. People expect the nation to retaliate. Media is often obsessed by the way Israel responds to attacks on its territorry. Ultimately India gets judged as a weak state.

It is true that every time it was attacked Israel has responded fiercely. SO WHAT ??
Did it bring any change to the situation ? Did attacks on Israel stop ? Or atleast did the attacks reduce because of their response ?

Most of the Israely retaliations resulted only in adding more to the civilian casualities than anything else. The attacks on Israel continues despite their fierce responses.

Let us not be the insane person (dirty torn clothes and rubbish all around type) who spits vulgar curses and throws stones at everybody around when provoked by someone. If we react this way we are going to hit passersby while the real culprit gets away. And more the people who'll be interested in provoking us.

So before we fire missiles and bombs at our neighbours and declare ourselves insane let us look what we should really be doing. B. Raman in an article in (Flavour of the Day) stressses on enhaced physical security in the country. Metal detectors fixed at station entrance with alert officers will make anyone think twice before attempting anything. Closed circuit televisions and surveillance cameras should be made part of the norm. Sniffer dogs for detecting explosives should be made available atleast for a group of stations and regular random checks should be performed at all the places of interest. And let us improve our internal intelligences.

Also give more power to our external intelligence agencies to chase and neutralize terror cells. Its high time they are given this power explicitly.